How our children's haircuts work

How our children's haircuts work

How our children's haircuts work

We really like kids here at Grizzly’s and appreciate that every child is different. So we offer a tailored and individual experience for your child, dependent on their age and temperament. 

We offer children’s haircuts from 0-14 years of age and we have many older teenagers who still like to come back to us.

Welcoming you to the shop

If it’s a child we don’t know or your child’s first hair cut we usually recommend you bring them in a little before their appointment to familiarise themselves with the environment.

We can’t do that at the moment due to covid, so if this is your child’s very first haircut then do consider if this is the right time to bring your child. Although we make the experience as fun and relaxing as possible things are a little different at the moment. 

Your hairdresser will be wearing a visor, so the children will be able to see us smiling and we’ll be wearing disposable ‘salon scrubs’ and aprons in bright colours. There’ll be visors for parents to wear too but don’t worry kids won’t need to wear masks.

On entry to the shop we'll be taking everyone's temperature with an infrared thermometer and ask parents to use the hand sanitizer. You can read more about our covid guidelines here. 

Settling in 

We’ll bring you over to the hair cutting area, settle the child in, let them choose what they’d like on the TV, we have Netflix, and talk to you about the haircut. At this point, we have chocolate coins on hand to get us started! We’ll play games like peek a boo to pop their cutting cape on. 

But it’s not a big deal if your child doesn’t want to wear a cutting cape, just bring a spare set of clothes in case the fine hairs make them itchy. We also recommend bringing your child’s favourite toys and books as our play area is closed at the moment due to covid regulations.

Meet our Lightening McQueen and Thomas cars!

For the under-threes hair cuts take place in our toy cars, we have a Lightning McQueen car, a Barbie jeep and a Thomas the Tank Engine train. If a child is stressed at the start or becomes stressed, they can sit on their parent's lap. Lots of kids prefer the feeling of doing something together with Mum or Dad. 

Your child's haircut

Once we’re settled, and we've double checked how much hair we’re taking off, we start with combing the hair and see how that goes. Then we let your child know the wet spray is coming, then wet their hair and the cut starts. 

If we need to stop at any point we will, it really depends on the child. Everyone thinks their child will be the worse! But don’t worry, we really have seen everything over the years, nothing phases us. We don’t expect the children to sit still, none of them do, but we’ll guide you on what to do with real wrigglers and work it out together.

If you know your child is likely to get particularly anxious or has any specific issues or special needs, just let us know beforehand. 

Do we wash your child's hair?

It's a common question. In our experience, a 20-minute appointment is the most any child can cope with and the wet spray does the job.

Finishing your child's haircut 

Once the cut is finished, it’s a quick polaroid photo, a lock of hair keepsake and a certificate for the first-timers, and an individually wrapped chocolate coin for all children. We usually do balloons too for the smaller children but due to Covid we can’t find a way to blow them up and tie string whilst wearing gloves!

We look forward to welcoming you to Grizzly Kids. Book your next child's hair cut.

Libbie and the team

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