The importance of a good children’s shoe fitting service

The importance of a good children’s shoe fitting service

The importance of a good children’s shoe fitting service

When we’re babies, the bones in our feet are soft so it’s critical that our feet are looked after carefully and that children start wearing the right type of shoe at the right time for their development.

As the bones start to harden and the foot develops, your child’s foot needs room to grow and their toes especially need to move freely to support their balance.

Children’s feet are also growing pretty much constantly - up to 1.5mm every month - so a child can change shoe size by a ½ size or more every 2 to 4 months. If your child has a growth spurt their feet often do the same and this often goes unnoticed.

If you’re a child of the 1970’s it’s very common to have little toes crossing and other foot problems as shoe fitting used to stop at an early age. Poor shoe fitting causes all sorts of musculoskeletal problems, so it’s important to carry on having your child’s feet measured through puberty.  

Here are some common frequently asked questions we are asked about children's shoe fitting:

How often should I get my child’s feet measured?

Ideally, children of all ages should have their feet measured every six weeks because you never know when a growth spurt might happen.

It’s really important there’s enough room for the growing foot and that the sole of the shoe allows the child to feel the ground under their feet.

How often should toddlers have their feet measured?

Toddlers should be measured and fitted every six weeks, this is because their rate of growth is disproportionate. They could have a growth spurt in just four weeks!

How much on average do children’s feet grow per year?

Between the ages of 0-4, children’s feet grow two sizes per year on average. From 4 onwards, it is generally one size per year. Not every child is the same, so this may not be the case for each child.

Should babies wear shoes?

Babies don’t need to wear shoes unless they’re outside for protection or unless they're medically prescribed.

When do children need pre-walkers? 

Children need pre-walkers when they are beginning to take their first steps on their own.

Why do children need pre-walkers?

Prewalkers are a protective shoe and are made to help walking development. They are made to be worn when walking outside to protect your baby’s feet. 

When do children need to move into First Walkers?

Children should move into First Walkers when they are confidently walking on their own. 

Why do children need to move into First Walkers?

Children need to move into First Walkers to allow for muscular development. They still need a flexible sole to allow free movement in their feet. 

When do children need school shoes?

 This all depends on the school your child attends. In some cases, children require smart school shoes when they attend nursery. Check with your child’s nursery or school whether they need them or not. 

Why do children need school shoes?

Children need school-specific shoes as they provide support and comfort for daily wear. 

What shoe fitting system do you use? 

We measure on the Startrite system.  

Startrite is a leading shoe fitting system. Please bear in mind that each brand of shoe will fit differently meaning shoe sizes may vary. Our staff are fully trained, very thorough and will be happy to explain any differences.  

Even if you’ve had your child’s feet measured at John Lewis or Clarks we always re-measure as it’s critical we get the right fit for your child on the day we measure.

Book your child's shoe fitting today 

We'd be delighted to see you at our store on Abbey Road, North London, you can book your shoe fitting appointment online. As we are operating under covid-19 hairdressing rules we can't take walk-ins for shoe fitting at the moment. 

There's a £5 charge which is redeemable against any purchases.

What children's shoe brands do you stock at Abbey Road?

We have a good selection, take a look, or purchase our top selling shoes 

  • Bobux
  • Camper
  • Chipmunk
  • Early days
  • Froddo
  • Garvalin
  • Hummel
  • Igor
  • Pediped
  • Petasil
  • Ricosta
  • Start-rite 

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