Top ten tips for a stress-free children’s haircut

Top ten tips for a stress-free children’s haircut

Top ten tips for a stress-free children’s haircut

Preparing your child for a haircut can make all the difference to giving your child a really positive experience at the hairdressers.

Number one - avoid a tired child 

Make sure your child is fed and well-rested, ideally they will have had a nap beforehand. Bring them at a time in their routine that they’d normally be playing happily. The same goes for a stress-free shoe fitting experience.

Number two - bribery!

Bring snacks, favourite toys and books for distraction.

Number three - leave an ill child at home

If your child wakes up with a bug and is feeling grotty there’s always another day. It’s better to rebook and come back to give your child a better experience. See our covid-19 guidelines.

Number four - avoid setting your child’s expectations

Don’t give your child false expectations. Singsonging “we’re going for a haircut” in a jolly way like it’s a treat, makes a haircut seem very appealing. But from the child’s point of view, they are coming to an unfamiliar environment with unknown faces and there are sharp objects close to their face...which they’ve probably been told are dangerous! 


Number five - let your child see you getting ready

A good hair cutting experience starts way before the appointment. Rather than setting expectations, involve your children in your own grooming routine to show them there’s nothing to be afraid of. This is especially important for boys.

We tend to naturally involve girls and they are used to having their hair brushed, plaited and tied up. But for boys, they often just see Dad come out of the bathroom ready to go. In our experience, 70% of screamers at the hairdressers are boys so show them what Mum and Dad do. 

Number six - agree the haircut beforehand

This is a crucial one! Agree your child’s haircut with your spouse or partner before you arrive at the shop. A first hair cut and early hair cuts are emotional, especially for Mums seeing their precious baby grow bigger and pass key milestones. It’s stressful for everyone if Mum wants one thing and Dad wants another. 

Number seven - try not to be nervous yourself!

Come as calm and relaxed as you can! Kids pick up on their parents' emotions and take their cues from you. Don’t worry, everyone thinks their child will be the worst. We really have seen everything over the years. So don’t have high expectations, every child is different and no one is judging you. 

Number eight - tell your hairdresser about any potential issues

In normal times we always encourage kids coming for first hair cuts, very nervous children or any child with a special need to come in beforehand to get familiar with the environment. We can’t do that right now so instead, it's important to let your hairdresser know about any issues so they can make any adjustments.

Number nine - leave a gap between medical appointments and a haircut

It’s also useful for your hairdresser to know if your child has recently had any medical treatments or hospital visits as this can really impact how the child feels about their hair cut. Ideally, leave a gap between any medical procedures and a haircut. 

Number ten - bring a spare set of clothes

If your child doesn’t want to wear the cutting cape they might find the fine hairs itchy so bring another set.

We hope this helps, Libbie and the Grizzly Kids team. Book your child's haircut.

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