Our cancellation policy

Our cancellation policy


On the booking form you will see the terms of cancellation, you will need to agree to this to continue with booking your hair appointment or shoe fitting.

Once you have successfully booked your appointment, you will receive links to manage your booking through, you can reschedule or cancel up until 3 hours before your appointment time. 

We do not take appointment changes or cancellations over the phone, please do not call the links are provided. 

it can get very busy in store we cannot always answer the phone, if we are busy with a haircut or shoe fitting our focus is with the child and their parents or guardian.


We feel we give ample reminders of your appointment to allow you to reschedule or cancel your appointment. 

If your child is unwell on the morning of / night before the appointment this is the time to reschedule, children who are under the weather/ have had a bad nights sleep do not enjoy the extra stress of a haircut. 

We do not give refunds for late cancellations or missed appointments, we are a pre booked service diary and a business the cancellation policy is there for good reason. 

** Cancellations before the cut off will be refunded via PayPal, you will receive a text confirming your cancelled appointment with  information on refunds.