Staying safe in store - covid-19 update

Staying safe in store - covid-19 update

Staying safe in store - covid-19 update

It’s a strange time for us all but we’ve taken the Government’s “Covid-19 secure” guidelines seriously to ensure a safe visit for you and your children.

What to expect 

We’ll be wearing full PPE from 6 July when hairdressing reopens as there are specific government guidelines for hairdressing which are different from other shops. The shop will only be able to have one haircut and one shoe fitting upstairs at any one time.

What we’ll be wearing for haircuts and shoe fitting

The full kit! A visor, gloves and a disposable apron.

We will change PPE after each hair cut or shoe fitting. Our aim is still to make every child's visit as fun as possible with individually bagged gold coins for all kids after their appointment. 

What happens when I come to the shop?

Temperature Checks
  • Everyone must have their temperature taken before entering the shop
  • It’s an infrared one, that we pop against your forehead.

This applies to all clients, parents and children, whether shopping for toys, or having a haircut or shoe fitting.

 Hand sanitiser at the door and wear our gloves
  • Use hand sanitizer before entering and apply a pair of the shop’s gloves
  • You’ll need to remove your own gloves if you're wearing them

Wear one of our face masks - adults

  • This isn’t optional and you can’t enter the shop without one 

What else will be different when I’m in the shop?  

Even if you’re just visiting the shop, the hairdressing rules still apply which are a bit stricter than other shops. 

  • You’ll need to remain with your children at all times
  • Only one parent per child even if you’re bringing siblings
  • We ask that you stay in the shop for the whole of your appointment

There’s a no-touch policy but we know what kids are like, so to keep everyone safe I have bagged any fabric toys, clothes and display shoes to avoid any direct touching.  

There will also be markers on the floor to indicate where to queue when purchasing toys or gifts. 

What will my child need to wear for a haircut?

  • Each child will wear a disposable cutting cape
  • We have visors for you to wear if your child needs to sit on your lap

Cleaning and sterilisation

All surfaces in the shop will be cleaned at least every two hours. Our cars and hairdressing areas will be cleaned and disinfected after each client and we’ve allowed extra time between appointments to allow for this. 

Siblings with back to back appointments can simply swap over seats as we won’t need to disinfect between children of the same household - as long as they do not leave the store while the sibling is having their haircut.

All hairdressing equipment, so scissors, combs, clips, brushes and so on will be sterilised after each use in a ‘caviclave’ – which is what dentists use.

Every pair of shoes tried on will be quarantined for 72 hours and the same for returned goods. And all our staff have successfully completed the government’s barbicide covid-19 course.

No more walk-in clients for hair or shoes

To make this work for you and to keep the team safe we can't take any walk-in clients for shoes or children's hair cuts.

Payment in advance for hair cuts and shoe fitting appointments 

All haircuts will need to be paid for online when you book to minimise contact. You can still change or cancel your appointment 12hrs beforehand. Book a hair appointment or book a shoe fitting here.

No late arrivals for hair or shoe fitting! 

It’s quite the military operation to clean and get ready safely for the next child so no late arrivals can be accommodated. If you’re late, we’ll ask you to book another appointment. As we can’t take walk-ins or easily rearrange appointments, you will be charged for your missed appointment.

What can I expect for shoe fitting?

We will provide a shoe fitting guard screen which will be used by the team while checking or measuring your children’s feet. We’ll also provide disposable socks for each child who is measured or trying on shoes. 

Any shoes not purchased will be quarantined for 72 hrs, sealed in a bag with the time and date so we know when to take them out of isolation. We’ll do the same with any returned goods so please purchase with confidence.

Your shoe fitting appointment fee is redeemable against any shoe purchases you make. Read more about how we fit and measure shoes. 

I know it sounds a lot but the government guidelines for hairdressing are strict to keep us all safe at close quarters. We will all get used to it and I look forward to welcoming you back.

Libbie and the Grizzly Kids team 

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